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Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling

Traveling abroad is a good way to experience a new culture. It’ll be an eye-opening experience that will make you a better person in the long run. Just remember that traveling abroad comes with a handful of potential risks. For instance, there is a chance that you’re going to encounter bedbugs and other pests. Staying at a motel with bedbugs will lead to immense problems since you’ll bring them home with you. It is pertinent to find out how to take steps to avoid letting bedbugs hide in your luggage. Use the tips below to avoid the risks involved.

Start By Surveying The Room

When you first arrive at the motel room, you’ll want to jump on the bed and watch television. Unfortunately, doing so could lead to issues. Before getting comfortable, you need to check the room to ensure it is free of pests. Even if the room looks clean and tidy, it could have bedbugs. You have to search long and hard to ensure that you’re not sleeping in a room with bedbugs. Whether it is a two-star or five-star motel, survey it thoroughly. During your initial examination, check for bloodstains on the sheets and black stains that look like ink. You’ll also need to pay close attention to the room’s scent. If it has a musty odor that smells like soda, it could be bedbugs. When you wake up in the morning, check your body for red welts. If you find any, you might’ve been bit by bedbugs during the night.

Lifting & Looking Under The Mattress & Box Spring

Before laying down, you’ll need to go in for a closer look. Remember that these pests are incredibly tricky. They hide exceptionally well. They often blend in with their surroundings and they don’t come out while people are moving around. Therefore, you’ll need to check their most common hiding places which are your mattress and box spring. Besides checking these spots, you’ll also need to check other things throughout the room. For instance, you should check the room’s pictures, wallpaper, and baseboards. Bedbugs could be hiding in any of these spots. Lift the mattress and pull the covers off. Be sure to check small gaps and crevices. If the room has bedbugs, you’ll find out when searching the mattress and box spring. Check any potential hiding spots beside the mattress.

Elevating Your Luggage

It is almost time to lay down. Before doing so, you’ll want to take steps to protect your luggage. It is vital to make sure that bedbugs cannot climb into your luggage during the middle of the night. To prevent this from happening, you should elevate your luggage. Most motel rooms have luggage racks. It is a good idea to use the luggage rack to prevent bedbugs from climbing into your luggage while you sleep. Another thing to do is to pull the luggage to the middle of the room. If you’re going to use the luggage rack, you should place it in the middle of the room. When doing this, you will prevent bedbugs from climbing up the wall and into your luggage.


Place Your Clothes In The Dryer

There is a risk that bedbugs are hiding in your clothes. Even if you look through them carefully, you may not spot them. For instance, they could be hiding in a pocket. It is pertinent to eliminate these bedbugs before they invade your home. Otherwise, they’ll reproduce and create immense problems for you soon. Avoid problems by throwing your clothes in the dryer. Minimize the risks by using the hottest temperature setting. If you do this and let the clothes dry for 15 minutes or longer, you’ll kill the bedbugs. Although this will reduce the risks, there is still a chance that you’re going to experience a bedbug infestation. With that being said, you should be prepared to hire an exterminator soon. Bedbugs can climb into your home from the outside too. When you experience a problem, team up with a qualified, licensed exterminator in your area. Using a dryer is a good way to eliminate bedbugs, but you should still prepare for potential problems. Jot down our name and number so you can be ready for anything that comes your way. We’ll always be ready to help.

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