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Conventional Treatment

Conventional TreatmentDepending on the type of infestation you’re dealing with, it might be wise to take advantage of conventional treatments. Although these techniques aren’t right for everyone, they’re great in certain situations. It is wise to work with a professional exterminator to ensure that it is a good choice for you. Furthermore, you need to choose a skilled exterminator to guarantee that you’re going to receive satisfactory results. Our company relies heavily on the recent study performed at Purdue University.

The study confirmed that pesticides could be used to eliminate bedbugs, but precise steps need to be taken to deliver long-lasting results. The study found that the exterminator would need to visit the home several times while waiting a week or so in between. Our technicians follow these protocols to ensure our pesticide treatments are effective.

  • We’ll visit the home twice to inspect the dwelling
  • During the first two visits, we’re going to treat the home for bedbugs
  • Finally, we’ll visit the home a third time to perform a thorough inspection
  • If we need to treat the home during the third visit, we will
  • We wait 2 weeks or longer between visits to give bedbug eggs enough time to hatch

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