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Professional Mosquito Pest Control Toledo OH

The mosquito is considered one of the most dangerous insect species of all time. The insect carries diseases like malaria, dengue, encephalitis, Zika virus, Chikungunya virus, yellow fever, and West Nile fever. If you are in the least familiar with one or more of these mosquito-borne illnesses, you know they can be minimized with pest management.

Mosquitoes spread illnesses through bites. The insects bite infected animals, such as birds, to become infected themselves. In turn, the infected mosquitoes bite humans, resulting in infected humans. This is a continuous cycle that requires intervention like our professional mosquito management.

Mosquitoes are not all bad. In fact, the species play a significant role in the pollination of specific plants. As pollinators, mosquitoes pick up pollen from male plants and deliver it to female plants. Pollinators are necessary for various plant species, including coneflower, garden phlox, stiff goldenrod, bee balm, cucumber, tomato, apple, squash, and almond.

What Is Mosquito Management?

Professional mosquito control is just as the name entails, it controls the mosquito population through pesticides, traps, and insecticides. Our mosquito management combines industrial-strength pesticide with routine inspections. When Toledo consumers call on us to help them control their mosquito population, we immediately assess the situation. From here, we determine the best pest control route, with your help.

We sit down with the client to devise a custom mosquito strategy that is affordable, realistic, and doable. Our exterminators encourage the client to get and remain involved in the process right from the get-go.

Our Professional Mosquito Control Includes:

  • Mosquito breeding ground assessment
  • Structural component vulnerabilities responsible for mosquito infestation
  • Pest control to target mosquito eggs, larvae, and adults
  • Mosquito population control

Why Hire Our Mosquito Control Experts?

We are a locally owned and operated pest control company in Toledo, Ohio. We hire local talent before expanding into nearby cities. Our goal is to help control the local mosquito population, resulting in fewer new cases of infiltration and infestation.

When you are left dealing with a mosquito problem, with little to no experience in pest control, the entire process is unfamiliar. This is when our professional mosquito control comes into play. When we are called to help our community members, we never back down. We understand the struggles Toledo property owners, tenants, medical centers, and non-profit organizations face when dealing with these dangerous insects.

Learn more about our mosquito management by contacting our Toledo location, today!

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