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How To Make Bed Bugs Come Out Of Hiding

Are you concerned that your home might be infested by bedbugs? It could be but you might not realize it yet. The problem with bedbugs is that they’re hard to identify because they hide exceptionally well. They often blend in with furniture, bed frames, and other items. Unless you thoroughly inspect your home, you may not understand what you’re dealing with. Whether the infestation has spiraled out of control or it is new, you need to learn how to identify the infestation. Just remember that catching them won’t be easy. They often blend in with the items they hide on. Plus, they hide in places that are rarely inspected and touched. It is common for people to live with bedbugs and not realize it until it has worsened. Once you’ve learned how to make bedbugs come out of hiding, you’ll be able to identify it and fix it before it turns your life upside down. Below, you’ll find suggestions for making bedbugs come out of their hiding places.

Ways To Force Bedbugs To Come Out Of Their Hiding Places

Finding out how to make these pests come out of their hiding places will make a big difference. Try using the tips below to lure bedbugs out of their hiding spots.
  • In general, bedbugs hiding during the day and come out at night. You may be able to convince them to come out of hiding by making your room a bit darker than usual. Although this won’t help on its own, it can make a difference. Use this tip with others to lure the bedbugs out of hiding.
  • Bedbug steamers are very helpful. Professional exterminators use steamers to deal with bedbug infestations. Using this method is often recommended because it is safe, reliable, and precise. With bedbug steamers, you don’t have to worry about contaminating your home with dangerous chemicals. Since steamers emit heat, they can also lure bedbugs out of hiding.
  • Bedbugs are attracted to heat. Therefore, you’ll want to use heat to lure them out of hiding. Certain bedbug lures emit heat so they are helpful for this purpose. You can also try making your bed warmed. For instance, you might be able to use a heating pad to add more warmth to your bed. It might be enough to convince the bedbugs to come out of hiding and approach your bed.
  • Don’t forget to talk to an exterminator about lures. They can help you gain access to lures that release CO2 and heat. Bedbugs are attracted to both so these lures will work exceptionally well for this purpose.
Once you’ve found bedbugs in your home, begin eliminating them. You likely won’t be able to eliminate the pests on your own, but you can get rid of many of the bedbugs. Grab the clothes from your luggage, closet, and drawers. Once you’ve collected them, throw them in your washer. Turn on the dryer and switch it to the hottest temperature. Let the clothes dry for 15 minutes or longer to kill the bedbugs on them.

Using Bedbug Lures

Although there are other ways to lure bedbugs out of hiding, it is wise to use professional lures. Professional lures can make a big difference because they use proven techniques. For instance, many professional bedbug lures will use a combination of heat and CO2 to lure the bedbugs. As mentioned above, bedbugs are attracted to heat and CO2. Therefore, you can guarantee that these professional lures will work exceptionally well. In many cases, these lures will remain active for 90 days. However, they may contain refills that can be used to extend the lifespan of the lures. Another thing to note is that many bedbug lures also contain glue traps. If bedbugs get too close to the lure, they’ll get stuck in the glue. Once this happens, they won’t be able to eat. Within days, the bedbugs will starve to death. Again, you can use refills to extend the lifespan of the lure and trap. It is wise to use lures to find out whether you’re dealing with a bedbug infestation. After you’ve confirmed that there is an infestation, it is time to pick up the phone and call a local exterminator. Don’t delay because the problem won’t improve on its own.

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