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Swan Creek  

Swan Creek Preserve provides a pleasant, pastoral respite from city life for people to connect with nature.  The South Toledo Park named for the creek is an oasis in an urban area, providing crucial feeding and resting ground for migratory birds and a nesting area for resident species. The forested banks of Swan Creek offer a sheltered corridor of wild vegetation. Animals such as deer, foxes, and raccoons use the gallery to move between feeding, resting, and mating areas.  Swan Creek is known for its beautiful display of spring wildflowers, but that’s only part of the show. Look into the trees to see the showy floral production of Ohio buckeyes and tulip magnolias. The very active Window on Wildlife is an excellent demonstration of plenty of birds to enjoy without leaving the city limits. You might even see a deer, a fox, or a wild turkey. Swan Creek spans 441 acres, with an additional 154 acres along the creek. Activities and attractions include scenic overlooks along the trails, a swinging bridge, indoor and picnic facilities, a gazebo made for weddings, two playgrounds, and a Window on Wildlife.

Big Wood Trails 

The Big Woods Trail takes the walker on tour past a meadow and up to upland woods of giant tulip trees, red oaks, basswoods, and sugar maples. Visitors enjoy a show of early spring wildflowers from late March to early May. Take a rest on the bench swing as you take in the scenic view of the floodplain.

Connector Trail

The Swan Creek Trail stretches to both sides of the park, crossing the creek on a swinging footbridge. Eastern cottonwoods support the bridge. This connecting route gives visitors access to all the walking trails in the preserve, except the North Trail Loop. A striking 90-degree bend in the river is visible from an overlook. Diegel Bed Bug Exterminator Toledo

Meadow Trail

The Meadow Trail is a good choice for viewing butterflies and various meadow wildflowers. It is also worth the time to investigate for signs of the mammals that live here and the large variety of birds that make the meadow their home. Look for Tree swallows, House wrens, and Eastern bluebirds using the nest boxes in the fields.

Restaurants and Pubs

  • Sidon Lebanese Grille & Bakery is located at 4625 W Bancroft St, Toledo, Ohio
  • Rockets Café is located at 2023 N Reynolds Rd, Toledo, OH
  • Triple Crown Lounge is located at 2122 N Holland Sylvania Rd, Toledo, OH
  • Hill St Pub is located at 6240 Hill Ave, Toledo, OH


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