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Whitmer – Trilby

Whitmer/Trilby is a neighborhood about seven miles north of Toledo, Ohio known for its pedestrian-friendly, walkable streets. The neighborhood is mostly made up of medium-sized, single-family homes and apartment buildings, giving renters ample choices. Whitmer/Trilby is relatively free of commercial developments, but residents enjoy the restaurants, coffee shops, and grocery stores that sit near the edges of town in places like the Miracle Mill Shopping Plaza. Other great features like golf courses, parks, and streams are located within and around the neighborhood. Whitmer/Trilby is a great choice for those who like quiet streets and easy access to big-city amenities. Diegel Bed Bug Exterminator Toledo

Originally consisting of the town of Trilby and the suburb around Whitmer High School, Toledo annexed this district in the 1960s. Until the 19th century, the area included Ottawa and Potawatami communities, and Tremainsville Road once served as an Indian trail. In 1795, the Treaty of Greenville blocked Northwest Ohio from the settlement, but pioneers ignored that in their western migration. Settlers came in 1835, building a small schoolhouse in the 1840s. During the Toledo War of 1835, soldiers from Ohio and Michigan stalked each other through the swamp, sent by state governors over a land dispute. Previous surveys were unclear which state-owned the boggy territory. This contested land contained what would later be Whitmer-Trilby. Ohio finally won jurisdiction of this land in an agreement, giving Michigan the Upper Peninsula. Museums in the vicinity include the Toledo Firefighters Museum, and the Toledo Museum of Art lies about six miles to the south.

Residents of the Whitmer-Trilby neighborhood appreciate the low cost of living. It costs 12 percent less than the national average to live here, one percent less than the average Toledo neighborhood. The price of housing helps keep costs low, so expect to pay about $485 per month to rent a typical one-bedroom apartment. Anticipate paying about 17 percent less than the national average when you fill your car’s gas tank. If you prefer public transportation, a one-way bus fare gets you to Toledo’s city center for $1. When at a local pub, anticipate paying about $3 for a domestic beer and another $11.50 for a mid-priced meal.

Whitmer-Trilby offers a wide range of restaurant choices, and many of them line Alexis Road. American- and Mediterranean-style diners and Chinese restaurants predominate along with sports bars and small neighborhood taverns. Chili dog joints also make a popular local option.

Restaurants and Pubs

  • Blaze Pizza is located at 3330 Central Ave, Toledo, OH
  • Pizza Cat is located at 4034 Monroe St, Toledo, OH
  • Rocky’s is located at 4020 Secor Rd, Toledo, OH


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