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Glass City River Wall 

The mission is to support a multi-phased artistic installation at Toledo, Ohio‘s ADM grain silo facility. It will provide a stunning and welcoming visual to the city’s gateway with a universal and inclusive message of hope and positivity. The goal is to showcase the city’s dedication to the arts and urban renewal while telling a story about the vibrant cultural history—past, present, and future. Additionally, it intends to highlight ADM’s purpose to unlock the power of nature to enrich the quality of life. Diegel Bed Bug Exterminator Toledo

The Sun Choke

In addition to its symbolic meaning, the sunflower also has historical significance. The wild sunflower or Sun Choke was one of the key crops for indigenous people of the region. Gabe was raised in a matriarchal family unit. He appreciates his sister, mother, and grandmother’s substantial female role in his upbringing. That is recognized in the portraiture on the silos and also honors the “first farmers” of the region- Native American women and children.

About The Portraits

Gabe appreciates his sister, mother, and grandmother’s female solid role in his upbringing, which comes through in the portraiture on the silos. The portraits represent the original agriculturalists from this region – the Native American women and children who played a significant role in planting and maintaining the vast cornfields that historically lined the banks of the Maumee River from Toledo to Fort Wayne IN.   The models used for these images are from three different Tribes – The Miami Tribe of Oklahoma, The Shawnee Tribe, and the Lakota Tribe. They chose living models from tribes to reinforce that Native Americans are not a people from the past but exist in vibrant communities today. Many of the tribes who considered this region home were forcibly relocated in the mid 19th century and reside west of the Mississippi today.

As a reference to the groups Indigenous to the lower Great Lakes, the portraits depict the models wearing jewelry common to these people in the past and present. The mix of modern-day clothing with identifiable jewelry demonstrates that these people represent living communities, each with connections to their community’s history and ancestors. Each of the models in the portraits is a citizen of a Tribal Nation today. Their modern-day appearance and depiction are a testament that Native American people are not people of the past but living people with a past.

Address: 1306 Miami St, Toledo, OH


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